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Kindle covers

I resisted buying a kindle for a very long time. I just really like books. But then I realised, I can still have books, just more of them, all the time, in my handbag. So that was that.

Then I bought one for my mother, but my brother pointed out that our house is essentially a disaster zone (two crazy spaniels, an anxious Siamese and lots of lanky destructive teenagers) so we would also need to get her a case. The only option he liked out of the ones I suggested was the Harry Potter ‘Monster Book of Monsters’ picture I put in AS A JOKE that was not for sale. I think he suggested this safe in the knowledge it would involve no actual input from him.

So I made one because we don’t give up, back down or accept defeat in our family. Obviously it doesn’t look exactly like the monster book of monsters, but the aim was to fit it in her handbag along with all the stuff that is normally in there. You know, the Mummy’s Emergency Kit, which weighs approximately the same amount as a baby elephant.



  • Book binding board (I got this on Amazon and it was super)
  • Brown fluffy fabric (I bought half a metre in case I made an error. Obviously you don’t need this much unless you are making a cover for one of those A3 flipboards they use in offices on the TV)
  • Thick red felt
  • Small piece of pretty cotton fabric
  • 1 Metre of black elastic (I actually did use all of this)
  • Thin quilt wadding
  • Yellow eyeballs (I used three because the lady in the sewing shop couldn’t count to five apparently and I was limited on time)
  • Tiny amount of toy stuffing
  • Tiny amount of white felt
  • One popper
  • Ruler, pencil, sewing machine, needle, red and white thread, tea, lots of time…


The first thing I did was make a cup of tea. Then I measured the kindle, cut the board to fit and stitched it into little sleeping bags of wadding:

In order to create the hinge, I cut the spine, front and back separately as above. To create the rise needed for the eyeballs, I held a blob of stuffing in place with messy stitches and then got to work on the outside. I wanted to make an envelope with the red felt inside and the fluff outside so I essentially stitched two rectangles together. I added teeth and a tongue at one end of the fur and just teeth at the other then I poked the eyeballs in so it would begin to look like the end product, stitched three seams closed leaving one long side open and I made another cup of tea.  If I am being totally honest, I also had a piece of cake.

Making sure I coordinated the thread and bobbin with the two different sides of fabric, I stitched runners to create pockets for the different bits of padded board. Because of how bulky the fabric was, these were not especially straight (I am not good at straight lines at the best of times, let alone when there is fluff up my nose and believe me, fluff will end up up your nose) but they did the job:


I double stitched them for strength.My machine was not pleased. I then hand stitched the open side shut. To give the kindle some extra protection, I made another little padded board, covered it with pretty fabric and then a complex series of elastic loops to give the four corner loops needed to keep the kindle in its case and hand stitched that to the main piece:

Finally, I added a popper the underside of the tongue and the bottom teeth to keep it shut:


Ta dah! I was pleased, Mummy was pleased, even sarcastic younger brother was impressed, which is really all the achievement one could hope for.

Time for more tea and cake.


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