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Witch hats and babies

So my mum recently bought me this book:

Look how I have coordinated my artistically placed crochet hook with the cover picture! Total accident.
Crochet at Play’ by Kat Goldin. Look how I have coordinated my artistically placed crochet hook with the cover picture! Total accident.

Actually, funny story. I bought it for me too but when I showed my mum she had already bought it so I took my copy back and got something else instead. You can never have too many craft books.

Anyway, the reason we both bought it for me was the mermaid tail you can make to put a baby in (Disclaimer: I do not actually have a baby but lots of my friends do so I will practice patterns on their children so when I do have a baby, mine will look perfect.  Thanks friends!). Mermaid tail post to follow. When I have worked out how to make one in my size. This is clearly what my mother intended.

One of the other excellent patterns in this very excellent book is a little witch hat. Very fortunately, some friends just named their baby after one of the witches in the Discworld series; what a lucky baby. Also, some big witch boots to fill. So obviously I decided to make a witch hat.

I used the Stylecraft DK Cabaret wool in Storm which is very very soft (perfect for little baby heads which are also very soft) and crocheted up beautifully:

I was going for endearing, but I think I look like the evil unicorn within is about to appear…

The hat has a little frill around the bottom as a brim:


and it all finished off very neatly at the back, which is pleasing to me as I cannot bear uneven stitching and if it is messy I have to go back and do it again. Actually, looking at this picture, I think there is a wobbly one. I am going to have to stop looking at it now.


The best thing about making things for new babies is how QUICK it is because they are so SMALL. And no matter whether you do wobbly stitches or not, they are going to look cute in it because all babies look cute when you dress them up in silly things.

My aim is to work through this book, pattern by pattern; there are so many creative and great patterns in there which are really easy to follow and seem to make up exactly like the picture – which is basically the highest praise I could ever give a pattern book. Mind you, I aim to do this with every craft book on my shelf and then the other day I found one and I don’t even remember buying it, so….




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