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These booties are made for walking…

…well, crawling. At a push.

Maybe lying down?

As I may have mentioned, now is the season for my age group to spawn, and they are doing a marvellous job of it so far.

What I most like making to give as a ‘congratulations, you made a baby!’ present  are booties. There are four reasons for this:

  1. They are tiny and therefore quick if baby arrives promptly
  2. They use up the ends of wool that hang about in my stash making it look untidy
  3. All babies need to have warm feet.
  4. You can easily personalise them for season/baby name/nerdy parents.

I came up with a basic pattern a while ago; it looks something like this:

(This wool is clearly beige, which is not the colour I would normally choose. I prefer colours which announce themselves loudly, rather than shuffle quietly into the corner. However, there is a reason for the beige that will become clear.

If I am using an exciting wool, then I might also use an exciting button and leave it at that. But sometimes, depending on the season, the wool and the baby, I like to customise my basic pattern and do something a bit more fabulous.

Beige button

Now, this beige business. I had the beige wool (I think I have typed ‘beige’ too often. It no longer looks like a real word. Beige. Beige. Eurgh.) because I was making hedgehog toys for a very important purpose (Post to follow. Soon. Ish.) and I had a bit left over. I had used a Katia yarn and they are extremely soft so I thought, rather than put it in my stash to look untidy and vex me every time I opened the cupboard, I would make booties. They made up very nicely and I had these cute heart buttons which I had taken off an old jumper which fitted perfectly.

But the problem remained that, to me, they looked a bit dull.

It was nearly Christmas and my mum and I were doing a craft stall, so I decided to have a play around in the hope that other people liked giving booties to babies  and this happened:


Such a simple thing: I attached the contrast yarn to the front, did a chain then double crocheted into it to make the fork and finally used a needle to stitch the ends into the antler and give it some stiffness. I added a big red button then did the other one:

I was really pleased with them and they sold immediately so I made another pair whilst on the stall (as I said, really quick to make!) and they sold too. Then I got a bit carried away so if some of my friends could have babies this Christmas, that would be great because I have some extra pairs.

In preparation for our stall, I made quite a few pairs and tried to do something different with all of them. Obviously, when you are doing a stall, you have to try and cater to everyone’s taste, so I didn’t just make flamboyant booties:

I did some more festive ones:

and then THESE are the ones that are my favourite:

These I made with the Angora bunny wool from Bigwigs Angora that I picked up at Wonderwool last year which is EXTREMELY SOFT and some buttons from Harlequin (well worth a visit) in Leamington Spa. Just as with the Rudolph booties, I decided to go for understated and not put eyes or fluffy tails on them, just ears. This is mostly because I think it looks nicer and less saccharine, but also because approximately three seconds after you put something fluffy on a baby’s foot, it ends up in their mouth and I don’t want to choke a baby on a bunny tail.

As you can hopefully see in the Santa slippers photo, I usually do double strap booties. This is because babies like to pull things off their feet and put them in their mouths (did I mention this already?) and the more straps you can fit on the less likely this to happen. Obviously babies have small feet so usually you can just fit two straps on. This is a marginally successful enterprise according to those lucky friends of mine who have received such stylish additions to their sproglet’s wardrobe, but babies are determined little buggers (harsh but true) when it comes to putting their slippers/socks/the cat into their mouths and short of super-glueing foot* to slipper, slipper will always get chewed eventually…


*Disclaimer: I would never glue anything to a baby, nor do I advocate doing so.



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