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A tiny bit of shopping…

So I went back to work this week, which inevitably means I have less time to do crafting or writing about crafting or sleeping or anything else that makes me feel like a human. Sad face of woe.

However, I have bought some lovely crafty things recently so I thought I would just share some nice pictures because everyone like pictures. Then eventually, when I get around to making them into actual things, I can look back at their raw newness and feel a huge sense of satisfaction. Or, more likely, total horror at how long they sat in the cupboard before I did anything with them.

  1. I will start with the most exciting thing. I WENT TO LIBERTY. Now I have to be careful when I go here. I have to restrict myself to one piece of fabric only. Otherwise, before you know it, I can’t pay the mortgage.  This time I went in for some very particular Tana Lawn Cotton:

2016-04-18 18.21.07I think it looks a bit like the cover of The Hobbit, which is my all time favourite book. They call it ‘Weather Wonderland’ and it comes in several different colours. I totally love this cotton; it is so soft. I don’t know if you have been to the Liberty fabric floor, but I am that crazy lady wandering around STROKING ALL OF THE THINGS. I can’t help myself. I want it all.

I am hoping to try a new dress pattern with this- a sort of tea dress. Because I didn’t have enough literary or Tolkien themed belongings (JOKE) I have also had to buy a hobbit door necklace from Etsy to go with it and every day is now filled with antici…pation when I return home to check the post.

My eagerness to wear this new outfit I have constructed in my head might push my newest fabric right to the top of the pile.

2. The new Flow paper book. Oh my gosh I love this book. I discovered their last book last year in Berylune (An EXCELLENT shop. Another place where I like to go and pretend I am rich. Such a lovely place. Go there. It will make you happy.) and even though I have come nowhere near to using all the paper in the last book, I bought the new one. It is bursting with lovely patterns, stickers, transfers, 3D shapes to construct, envelopes to make, present tags, banners…so many things. I have the banner from the last one up in my craft room and it cheers me everyday:

2016-04-18 18.18.54
If you look really closely, you can see the tiny Mr Darcy hanging out with all my necklaces.

In fact, I have several things up from these books to cheer me up. Now I am back to work, I take a lot of cheering up.

3. These gorgeous fat quarters from The Cotton Angel in Monmouth:

2016-04-18 18.43.12

I have a bit of a problem with fat quarters. This is the pile of fat quarters I have in my stash.

2016-04-18 18.20.21
Tiny deer for size comparison. Which only works if you know how big the deer is…wait a minute…he is 5 cm. His name is Geoffrey.

I don’t actually do quilting. I don’t really know what to do with fat quarters to be honest. I just obsessively hoard them. Sometimes I look at those lists people have put together: ’10 things to do with fat quarters’, 365 days of fat quarters’ and I think they are great but then I just don’t do anything. I like how enormous the pile looks and how neatly they all fold and when you cut fabric it never folds properly….gah. I am happy to live with my weirdness. Everyone else can go jump.

At this point I checked the bank balance and since I had also bought two pairs of shoes and some aggressively bright leggings, the bank balance told me to stop shopping immediately and live on toast for a week. So I went home and tidied my fabric cupboard to accommodate the new things. It now looks like this:

2016-04-18 18.19.44
Yes, I have a tiny problem with the buying of the fabric.

Very pleasing.

So hopefully when all the marking and exam hysteria dies down (ie: they all go off on study leave) I will have time to actually Make Some Things. Although, since two dresses have been sitting upstairs waiting to be hemmed this whole weekend, I might be being optimistic.

I’d better go stroke some fabric and pile up my fat quarters *breathes deeply.



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