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Hello! And welcome to today’s Mermaid Update…

So I have spent the last couple of days completely absorbed in mermaid production (Please see this post for back story and purpose. I mean, if you want. You don’t have to.)

I have made a few changes to my original pattern as I was worried that the neck/bottom of the face area looked a bit pinched:

2016-07-23 13.43.20

I have therefore rounded out the chin a bit as you can see below- the new version is on the right:

2016-07-24 22.18.20

Sorry about the shadows/blurring. I am not good at pictures/lighting.

Then I decided that I needed to create a ‘trial mermaid’ for every different colour of glitter felt that I had purchased. Just to make sure that THIS TIME the pattern was going to work. Also, making mermaids is super fun.

This is my peacock lady. She got a crown. I felt she needed one, to do full justice to the peacock glitter. Also, her hair makes her look like a beauty queen.

OH, yes: the hair. I have diversified my hair options for the mermaids because not everyone enjoys a beehive on their head. In other places, I am all for beehives. Ones with bees in.

2016-07-24 22.18.38

And you know how I promised no more artistic shots? I LIED.

I am quite pleased with them and have put them in an (empty) fishbowl so they feel more at home and also look pretty in my craft room.

2016-07-25 17.25.28

I am hopeful that at any moment they will burst into song. Or possibly not, considering the usual outcome of that….


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