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Christmas preparations….

Just a short post today because I am bursting with ideas I can’t wait to get started on; most of them with a Rudolph theme!

With our Etsy shop almost ready to go, my Mum and I have been signing up for some Christmas Craft Fairs which gives me a great excuse to start thinking about Christmas and I LOVE Christmas. Most people grow out of the hysterical-almost-can’t-sleep excitement of Christmas, but not me. I am counting down the days already!

So, today, wondrous husband has supplied with me with baked apple tea (many thanks Whittard of Chelsea. And wondrous husband too, of course.), I have lit the cinnamon candle (no euphemism) and started Christmas early…

I was inspired by the Rudolph booties I made a little while ago:


I was really pleased with how the antlers turned out so I thought I would try and do a mini version that could go on a hair clip or a badge (good suggestion from a friend) since other grown persons also enjoy Christmas and perhaps have feet too big for these minuscule shoes.

After a bit of fiddling about -they are very small- I came up with this:

And I am very pleased with them! My current thoughts are that they will work best as badges, but I might also make napkin rings; decorating the table is one of my favourite Christmas things- other people do this too, right?

So napkin rings…and then I thought I could make some bigger ones, and they could be coasters if I stitched the noses rather than used buttons…as I said, my head is full to bursting!

So that is all for today because I am keen to get crocheting. All I need now is some mince pies, just to help get me in the zone!






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