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In which Lovely Husband triumphs, marking is avoided and some crochet gets done.

At the end of the week I usually just feel another week older and tireder. However, this week ended rather well. I had booked myself in for a massage to the relieve the pain caused by marking and whilst the start of the massage was excruciating and also crunchy, by the end I could actually move again. I mean, I was nearly asleep I was so relaxed and I didn’t want to move. But I could have done. If necessary.

I rolled into the car, beatific smile upon my sleepy face, to discover that Lovely Husband had outdone himself and bought me a wondrous thing entitled ‘Salted caramel millionaire’s shortbread brownie’. THAT is the man you marry ladies. Screw flowers.

Saturday was also rather nice; we had our first craft fair of the year and it went quite well. It is always so hard to judge or prepare for as every fair we have done has followed a different sales pattern. However, people said nice things and bought things and lots of people took business cards so perhaps it could be called a success. Our next one is closer to both Easter and Mother’s Day so I am hoping it is similarly successful. We shall see. I am very lucky to be blessed with extremely supportive friends who turn up and are supportive so hopefully I can inveigle more of them to do the same next time around.

In aid of yesterday’s fair I have been working on some new patterns, most notably more fingerless gloves. I always get super excited about spring and spring colours and new spring clothes in shops. I often end up dressing entirely inappropriately at the faintest hint of sunshine and then shivering my way through whatever activity I decided would work well in floral cotton and flipflops in February. This year I have decided to be sensible and avoid flu by not doing this and helping other people do the same by making lots of different kinds of fingerless gloves. I reckon they are great because if you happen to work in a chilly office, you can still type while you wear them.

My lovely autumn leaf pair from my last post went at the fair yesterday, but I have wool to make more and I probably will as I was very pleased with them and quite fancy a pair myself. However, I bought some really nice yarn from LoveKnitting called Cascade Sunseeker which has a glittery thread running through it and came up with this:


I used a stitch which I have heard called ‘tweed’ ‘moss’ and ‘linen’. No idea what the proper name is, but it seemed to work well with this  yarn. I tried a straight double crochet and my wavy pattern that I used with the autumn leaf gloves but neither really suited this yarn in the way this did. I still did a scalloped edge because I think it works well around the fingers and it meant I had natural looking spaces for the buttons down the sides. The buttons are sewn on, not button holed, as this is snugglier but also because it is tricky to button yourself into gloves. There is quite enough stretch in the wool to pull them on and I have tried to use the buttons to give shape so the glove fits around the wrist area. I can’t bear baggy wrists on gloves.

I made a coordinating flower brooch and I reckon I have just about enough left to make some baby booties too. Mummy and I were planning on putting together some baby baskets for our next fair so perhaps we could do matching sets for mums and tots?!

I have nearly finished a green pair in the same kind of wool, then I will be listing them on the Etsy site. Grandma has ordered herself a cream pair, so they will be next on the list.

After the inevitable marking that I shall face today. Currently I am sitting in bed waiting for Lovely Husband to bring me brunch (Lovely Husband is lovely) but I am sure I will get up soon and do marking. Very soon. Probably.




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