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In which Lovely Baby cooperates beautifully and crafting is achieved.

Lovely Baby is nearly three months old, which is very hard to get my head around as it feels as though we just got home. I also have a voice in my head that feels that three months is enough time to get my shit together and organise my house. HAHAHAHA. Currently it is chaos. There are brightly coloured loud things everywhere. Tidying is not actually happening because snuggling on the sofa or lying on the floor playing with his baby gym (with him, not on my own, obv) is much more fun and also I cannot be bothered. Although I did clean the bathroom today. #winning

So whilst obviously I am tired, I am actually getting more sleep than I did when I was working and it is better sleep because once I shut my eyes I am actually going straight to sleep, rather than lying there cataloguing all the things I failed to complete that day and mentally adding them to the preposterously long list of tomorrow. This is because my daily to-do list is reduced to: ‘Feed baby, change nappies, drink lots and nap where possible. Repeat.’ which is significantly more achievable than: ‘plan, teach, mark, do paperwork, do pointless admin task, fill out five hundred spreadsheets with the same, irrelevant information, try not to kill people or hide in the cupboard and weep’. Therefore, I actually feel a lot more well than usual and have been doing some crafting and designing in stages whilst Lovely Baby takes naps.

Some naps are longer than others of course and therefore more gets done some days than others. I basically assume I will not get anything done at all so everything I do do feels like a wonderful treat. Some projects that require a lot of concentrated time have just been shelved for now. I am sure I will get around to making myself some more clothes eventually. After all, I cannot go back to work in the only two jumpers which are appropriate to wear in public/my pyjamas: the sum total of my outfits that fit at the moment.

But clothes take a long time, especially when I will have to invent new patterns to cater to my new ‘mum body’. I am very proud of it but I may have to switch to stretch fabrics to accommodate it comfortably. This is fine. I grew a human. I am allowed to grow me a bit in the process. Also, breastfeeding is EXHAUSTING and I seem to be eating more chocolate than I anticipated.

So while I am working out whether just to lie on the fabric and draw around myself or whether to make an actual pattern, I have been doing some more felt hoops for the Etsy shop. These have gone down well at fairs and online with customers from all over the globe, so I thought it would be nice to do a few new designs and aim to get them on the site before Valentine’s Day. I have only managed to complete one new design so far:

which has turned out well. At first I was going to embroider a fountain from each of them but then I remembered my tiny tiny pompom maker so I thought it was important that I use it in some way. I happened to have some navy wool with a silver sparkle in which is perfect for this, so I made a few pompoms and played around with placement. In the end it worked best with the design to have one and I think this makes it more unified and romantic too. I then came up with some puns of which I was very proud. Lovely Husband says I am not good at puns, but I think the point of puns is to not be very good. A slight wince in response is a mark of success in my book. Anyway, here are my WONDERFUL puns:


I also made some more narwhal hoops as they met with approval and I love working with the sparkly felt:

I have cactus related plans and I really wanted to do something with an alpaca or a llama but I am struggling with a romantic pun/statement for that last one. Suggestions on a postcard please. ‘I will spit in your face and kick you’ is not romantic apparently.

In tiny nap slots I have been continuing to crochet some chunky granny squares that I mentioned in my last post to make THE BEST foot warmer for a pushchair ever seen. I am in the process of sewing them together but here is a blurry sneak preview with bad lighting:

That is, surprisingly, all I have had time for. But it is nice to have some projects up and running alongside being a Mum so that when I do have a bit of time I don’t need to use for sleeping, I can do something fun and for me. And since I am not putting too much time pressure on myself about anything at the moment, if I decide just to snuggle up with Lovely Baby then that is fine. After all, crochet is important but cuddles are importanter.


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