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In which Lovely Baby gets two snazzy items and Tired Mummy decides not to go back to work

So this week I have made impromptu soup because I put a tray of vegetables in the oven to roast and discovered the oven was broken but I didn’t want to waste them. It was very nice. I also made a cake which I ate all by myself although not all at once. It was a small cake. Ish. Lovely Baby has spent several hours attempting to get his toes into his mouth and resisting all attempts at socks. He also giggled his way all through Baby Massage in a very uncalm and disruptive manner because he has decided he has tickly feet, knees, tummy and neck. All the other babies behaved perfectly so clearly I have a mini-me, determined to draw attention to himself when in public. I have also started at least five projects, for example, making Lovely Baby and myself coordinating outfits (posts to follow once they are actually finished) because why not? But now I have a house littered with bags, each with a new, separate project in. I only have one pair of really nice scissors though and since I always leave in the last bag I was using, I can never find them. WOE.

However, I have managed to finish some things in the nap gaps. I am also getting better at accepting those days where I don’t get near anything of mine due to Lovely Baby feeding constantly or resisting all attempts to put him on his lovely mat with all his lovely toys which play lovely music or are good to chew. Because the flip side is that in a few short months he will be tottering away from me and into his evermore independent self and I will be feeling pride and also gut-wrenching sorrow at his abandonment of snuggles with mummy. He probably won’t smell so delicious either. So I am trying to be  – what’s the new hip word? – mindful and enjoy all of it. Today he quite literally pooed up to his armpits. Twice. We had a good old laugh about that. This is made easier for me because poo-stained clothes are Lovely Husband’s job.

The thing that I definitely finished and that I am most proud of in recent days is this cardi:

Let me tell you why I am proud.

  1. I made up the pattern myself
  2. I have only ever made one crochet cardi before, to someone else’ pattern AND it was a super easy top down all in one type jobby, whereas this was three separate parts
  3. All the parts fitted together once I had finished them
  4. The button band went on very neatly. REGARD:

5. Most importantly, it fits Lovely Baby. This is miraculous as, to be fair, it took me a good while to get through this what with the inventing and the unpicking and the counting and Lovely Baby is growing out of clothes at such a speed I have been tempted to wrap him in a blanket and stop spending money.

Anyway. I am most pleased with it and now I know what I am doing, I could probably whip one up quite quickly so I might do one or two for the stall/Etsy if I have the time (*weeps with laughter at this notion of TIME*)

I made it out of Stylecraft Batik yarn which is their newish addition and has 20% wool content. I think this is what has made it so soft once complete, where crochet jumpers can often be quite solid.think I read on the internet somewhere that this yarn was designed especially for crocheters, rather than knitters, which most other wool – especially interesting dye lots – is, although it is possible that I made this up and it has no basis in fact. Regardless, it works wonderfully as a crochet garment and I will definitely be using it again.

I have also finished the foot warmer I have been working on for his pushchair. I toyed with the idea of buying one but they were (a) expensive and (b) I had already spent quite a lot on the pushchair and  (c) none of them were as pretty or as warm as the one I could make for him.

So, I picked up some 100% wool from Wool Warehouse – the Drops range for those of you in the know, which is well worth checking out because it is super cheap and works up beautifully. It is also good for felting so I thought if it got a bit wet then it would look even cooler. I then made some granny squares in alternating colours – I mentioned this in an earlier post, but here is the photo again:

I put poppers down one side for ease of getting Lovely Baby in and out (it is a well known fact that babies immediately plank whenever you want to get them into or out of something so poppers are key) and then I made a flap to keep out DRAUGHTS because  no one likes them:

and I have made a lining out of heavy-ish grey jersey which also poppers in and out because, frankly, babies make messes with their nether regions and it is easier to get said effluvia out of jersey than wool.

I also obviously had to leave a space in both the crochet and the jersey to get the crotch strap through; this was easier on the wool as I just slip stitched down one side then the other for strength, rather than stitching the squares together. On the jersey I attempted to use my overlocker to give the snipped edges some strength but I am still not on top of my overlocker and this proved disastrous so some small repair is needed but that is manageable. Due to disaster I will not put pictures up, but just imagine a large hole in the fabric. I decided to do an extra layer of squares on the top of the front so that it comes up a bit further and keeps out the cold.

Here it is on pushchair without baby:

And with (I promise he was in there. He was sleeping.) :


I had been planning to put some elastic and a popper at the top so I could reach it round the pushchair and keep the top flap in place despite Lovely Baby’s excited flaily arms but actually his arms tuck into it quite nicely as it comes up quite far so I probably won’t do this. I have made it long enough to reach down to the foot ledge thing so it should last him as long as we can use the pushchair but at the rate he is growing who knows?!

Other than these two woolly wonders I have been booking up crafts fairs for Fly Away Ladybird; our first one is April 7th and a return to Chipping Norton. This is a lovely fair and it would be super to see people there. It is also indoors, which all events in England in April should try to be if they can possibly help it.

I have also decided not to return to my job as a teacher. I never meant or wanted to be a teacher but I am nine years down the line and honestly, I was good at it and I enjoyed the standing in front of the classes and working with students part, but basically everything else is awful and was getting worse and worse. I am fed up with management assuming staff are doormats they can walk all over, changing contractual hours on a whim and without consultation, and I also have reached tolerance level for what I perceive to be a low level sexism running through appointments and promotions. My workplace were not able to accommodate my needs as a parent (outlandish requests such as needing time to drop my child at nursery in the morning) nor were they willing to let me go part time (a request they are totally within their rights to refuse of course) so I decided enough was enough. This is the first time I have been unemployed since I was 16 and I thought it would be terrifying but I feel rather wonderful. I have no idea what I will do instead of teaching but ANYTHING ELSE sounds like a great option. I am working on my leaving speech for the last day of term at the moment. So far I have, “Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf!” and that about sums it up.



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