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In which Lovely Baby does not like heat and nor does Tired Mummy

This week has been a bit of a non-starter really. The mini-summer threw me into a panic as I had not got any baby clothes in the right size due to the ridiculous length of the sprog and I didn’t think I would fit into my own normal clothes. HOWEVER. In excellent news I can, in fact, get into my pre-pregnancy culottes! Full disclosure: I was not a small person pre-pregnancy. But still. At least I have not got too much fatter. Lovely Baby posed more of a problem as I had one T shirt I could squeeze him into and three he can wear as dresses. He is quite happy with this so it will have to suffice until my panic internet orders arrive.

Due to the heat he has, in a contrary fashion, refused to be put down. He has also fed FOR AGES presumably to combat dehydration, which is obviously fine, but this has meant I have not achieved much.

What I have started is repackaging some of the things in our Etsy shop. I really wanted to be able to send some of my doll brooches to shops, etc, to see if anyone might like to buy them. Whilst my Rosie the Riveter brooch is by far my best seller, I have a soft spot for Charlotte Bronte, and hope someone else might too. Therefore I had some cards printed upon which to mount these two as my trial:

I am really pleased with how these have turned out and as I was packing another Rosie to send on a very long and exciting adventure, I was chuffed to be sending her on such a snazzy mount.

I have also been looking at how we package our kits; they are now in a very cheery little tote bag and I think it looks much better than the paper bags we were using before:

Rephotographing and uploading and editing Etsy pages takes ages but it is worth it. I was struggling to find a neutral and effective background, but my new coffee table is just the ticket!

I have also been working on a blanket on and off but it isn’t finished so I am not going to show it to you so there.

Due to all the feeding and sitting about I have spent much time on the Facebook, begging people to vote for my sloth square:

Voting is still open until Sunday so if you have not yet cast yours, please head on over and do so!

I really doubt I will win as this is the first time I have entered a crochet competition and some of the other entries are rather spiffy and designed by people with books and other important things like that, but it has been so nice to read people’s kind comments. Especially in a week when I was otherwise not achieving much.

To say thank you to those people who have voted, I am offering 15% off everything in the Etsy shop with the code SLOTH15 so do head over there and have a peek if you would like!

That’s it from me tonight; I have some very exciting projects planned for the next couple of weeks and I am going to TOFT near Rugby this weekend to learn how to hand dye yarn, so hopefully I will return to my witty and verbose self next week!

Thanks again for voting, it means a lot.



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